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Massage of Your Choice - Relaxation, Aromatherapy or Hot Stones | 1 or 2 People

Updated: May 12

Located in Gurgaon, the Wellicon Spa is to improve your appearance and increase your self-esteem, through a diverse set of beauty and wellness services.

Surrender to this moment that works body, mind and soul. You can go alone or invite a very special company...

Relaxation massage has as its main objectives the improvement of blood circulation, the removal of toxic substances, the relief of stress and the restoration of the psycho-emotional, physiological and energetic area of ​​each person. The technique is smooth, light and slow.

This massage combines the advantages of therapeutic massage with the efficiency of using essential oils. Incredibly relaxing, this massage also has the benefits of relieving insomnia, headaches, high levels of stress/anxiety, back pain, muscle pain, digestive disorders and premenstrual tension.

This massage makes use of the energetic, vibrating effects and properties of volcanic stones at various temperatures, in various strategic points of the body. The heat emanating from the stones reaches the superficial nerve endings, relaxing the muscles, benefiting blood circulation, the digestive, respiratory and joints, providing body relaxation and relief from daily stress.

Feel an immediate recharge of energy!

Gifts to live spa in gurgaon!

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